SPORT™ Surgical System

Titan’s SPORT™ Surgical System, currently under development, comprises a surgeon-controlled single incision robotic platform incorporating a 3D high definition vision system and multi-articulating instruments for performing minimally invasive surgery (“MIS”) procedures, and a surgeon workstation that provides the surgeon with an advanced ergonomic interface to the robotic platform for controlling the instruments and provides a 3D view of inside a patient’s body during MIS procedures.

The SPORT™ Surgical System has been designed with the goal of providing the multi-articulating instruments and the 3D vision system for insertion into the patient’s body cavity through a single incision of approximately 25mm. Once inserted, the device is configured to deploy into a working configuration wherein the 3D high definition vision system and multi-articulating instruments are capable of being controlled by a surgeon seated at the workstation.

The multi-articulating, interactive, snake-like instruments are designed to couple with removable and sterile single patient use robotic tools that would provide first use quality in every case and eliminate the reprocessing of the instrument. The use of reposable (re-usable for a specific number of uses) robotic instruments and single patient use tools allows more use cases for each robotic instrument thus reducing the per case cost. The robotic platform is also designed to include a mast, a boom and wheels for optimal configurability for a variety of surgical indications and the ability to be maneuvered around the operating room and surgical centers where applicable.


The SPORT™ Surgical System is being developed with the objective of delivering multiple benefits to patients, surgeons and hospitals.

For the Patient:

For the Surgeon:

For the Hospital:

Intellectual Property

As of January 31, 2016, the Company has ownership or exclusive rights to eleven U.S. patents and twenty-nine patent applications filed in various jurisdictions.